Good victory for the LA Galaxy 5-1 over Philadelphia

Can't get too high, can't get too low.

It was a slow start to the season but we don't want to get too panicky as the team was limited by injuries and players on international duty.

Good 5-1 win over Philadelphia but let's not get too crazy either as the Union are one of the bottom table clubs.

Nonetheless, it was good to see something close to the full line-up out there and the getting the ball into the net from a variety of players.

Hopefully, will avoid the injury bug and have something like this starting XI more often than not going into the second half of the season.
UPDATE: July is Gold Cup and the LA Galaxy will be missing Gonzalez (USA), Zardes (USA) and Penado (Panama). Thus, Galaxy will do a little juggling.

Lletget may play his way onto a starting spot.

And, of course, Steven Gerrard will be arriving in the July transfer window.

UPDATE: La Galaxy released a video about Gerrard .....

If Gerrard is physically fit, I would imagine he would start. He might get substituted out at the 60 or 75 minute mark as he gets used to MLS life and his teammates.

MLS matches are in the summer and thus much warmer than his previous life in the Premier League with its European schedule of Fall-to-Spring and cold rainy UK weather. Also, the teams of MLS are far flung across North America so travel days are much longer than in the UK. I'm sure he will adjust accordingly. But initially, I'd be inclined to sub him off to keep his legs fresher for the final push to the playoffs and for the playoffs.

Will be interesting how Coach Arena will use him. I would think Gerrard will be in the midfield with the liberty to push forward with an offensive mindset. I wonder if occasionally, he might be put in the front two with Keane or Zardes?

With Gerrard in at midfield, which midfielder (Husidic, Ishizaki, Juinho, or Vayrnen) will see his time cut back?

I'm guessing Varynen as he has been mostly a defensive midfielder and hasn't shown too much on the offensive end. I could see Gerrard starting and participating in the offense and helping the Galaxy get the lead and being subbed off with Varynen providing defense.

Lletget with his speed could challenge for one of the side midfield spots.
UPDATE: He has now started in the match against Portland and San Jose!

At the moment, things look promising.

Will see what the second half of the season brings!
UPDATE: Next match is against Portland who is ahead of the Galaxy in the standings and should be a better test of the Galaxy's progress compared to easy recent wins over PSA Elite and Philadelphia.