Do Managers Make a Difference?

We shall see if Jurgen Klopp can turn around the future of Liverpool!

Below is the screen capture of the last 11 matches of Brendan Rodgers.

3 wins.
6 draws (won the PK shootout with Carlisle).
2 losses.

The next transfer window opens up in January 2016 so LFC's roster is not going to change with the exception of losing players to injuries and players recovering from injuries.

Can Klopp get more from this group than Rodgers?

How well will Liverpool do over the next 11 with the new manager?

Improving on Rodgers' record is the least the fans expect so the baseline is 4 wins. But if Klopp really is the motivational and tactical genius people say he is, how many wins would be considered a success given the personnel he has on hand?

What if he improves in the win column but also takes more losses?

Best guess: 5 wins, 4 draws, 2 losses.