LFC Rodgers is out

Rodgers has been a lightening rod since I started following Liverpool in late 2014.

The team was going nowhere and there were calls for Rodger's firing.

But then he switched to the 3-4-3 and the team went on a great stretch of play only to collapse at the end of the season. 

The blowout loss to Stoke to finish the 2014-2015 EPL season would have been a reasonable time to have fired Rodgers with a summer to find a new coach and make some moves in the transfer market.

However, FSG decided to keep Rodgers. One wonders if that was their plan or they just didn't have any realistic manager candidates at that time. In Rodgers favor was the magic carpet ride of 2013-2014. The FSG braintrust probably felt that maybe Rodgers could catch lightening in a bottle again and should be given some more time.

But with the bland performances to the start of the 2015-2016 season, the fan base was getting restless. One also wonders what was the mood of the clubhouse. Certainly, the players were making the "right" public statements of support for Rodgers. But one wonders if that was just for the public consumption?

With the international break, FSG will try to get someone on board and see if the season can be salvaged. 

The question is simply this: can the current group of players rise to another level under a new manager? Does LFC really have the pieces to be better than a mid-table club?

Last years club finished sixth. This year's team has many new pieces compared to that unit.

Certainly, with a healthy Sturridge and Benteke, they could cause a lot of havoc. Having Ings to plug in will also be helpful.

Coutinho, Lallana, and Firmino on paper all have the potential to be A-/B+ caliber players who can make a real difference on the field. But all three have had injuries or just don't seem quite 100% yet.

Milner and Lucas are solid players who will give good minutes.

Sakho, Skirtel, and Clyne is a defensive unit to build upon.