Liverpool Klopp Episode 5 - Dr. No

Am under the weather and so slept in this Saturday morning. However, did rouse myself to hear the last 20 minutes of the match via And just in time too, as Coutinho got his second goal to put Liverpool up 2-1 over defending champions Chelsea. Benteke eventually put in an insurance goal to make it 3-1.

Eventually got enough energy to turn on the TV coverage at NBCSN via our cable package just in time to see this post-match interview from Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho .... transcript of his remarks at the UK Guardian.

Suffice to say, Jurgen Klopp had a little more to say about his first EPL victory with LFC.

Great to see Coutinho get back on track after a handful of sluggish performances. Looks like the back four plus goalie are doing well. The forward situation improves with Firmino and Benteke being on the field and getting back into playing shape. Hopefully, Sturridge will be able to return to the mix soon. As for the midfield, am concerned that Milner is going to get worn down tracking so many kilometers game-in-game-out.

LFC under Klopp: 2-3-0