Potus 2016 - revisiting old posts, part II

On the Democratic side not much has changed.

At that time, I thought the "establishment" candidates would be Clinton, Biden and Cuomo. Only Clinton got in and just this past week Biden official decided not to get in.

In the "left wing/socialist" part of the party, I saw Warren, Sanders and O'Malley as probables. Warren opted out of the race while the other two did get in and Sanders has gathered some support while O'Malley hasn't gained any traction.

Finally, the only national defense democrat at that time who was making noises of running was Webb. He appeared in the debate and was pretty much marginalized by his cranky personality and relatively hawkish national security views.

The Democratic party is going "all-in" with Clinton. They are hoping the Clinton brand name hasn't exceeded its shelf-life and the "magic" of electing the first woman president will be enough to get her across the finish line. Hillary has all the baggage of Bill and none of his charm. Thus, her supporters are the loyalists + those who would never vote for a Republican + those who want to vote for the first woman president.

Is that enough to get to win in 2016?