Liverpool Klopp Episode 4 - Rocky

Check out the incredible story of AFC Bournemouth!

The club was on the edge of disappearing from League Two and going entirely out of business just a handful of years ago. However, in a dramatic finish that season, they stayed alive in the League Two (4th tier of English Football). And then, they begin an fairy tale rise to League One, then the Championship and last season promotion to the top of the mountain, the Premier League.

Suffice to say probably the only people rooting for Liverpool tomorrow are Liverpool fans considering the storyline of AFC Bournemouth.

It would be easy for the Script Writers to make Bournemouth the underdog Rocky and Liverpool the heavily favored Apollo Creed. And indeed, in the movie Rocky Balboa fought Apollo to the final rounds. Is that what will happen in tomorrow's match up?

Coach Klopp is still in search of his first win working with something less than a full bag of arrows. Looks like it could go the distance and maybe even extra time? Even PKs?

UPDATE: And they are off ..... not near a TV but am following with the occasional refresh of the ESPNFC live updates. A mixed unit for LFC with some of the reserves and three youngsters.

After some mouse clicks, did find an audio feed from and heard the final handful of minutes. The announcer ended the game time play-by-play by exclaiming, "The kids are alright!"

Thus, Klopp gets his first LFC win in a League Cup!

LFC under Klopp: 1-3-0