Liverpool Klopp Episode 3 - Moneyball

Southampton has been cited as the English Premier League's prime example of applying MoneyBall to the operation of their club.

Liverpool, owned by Fenway Sports Group (FSG), has the advantage of deeper pockets and the history and international brand of Liverpool but are unwilling or unable to spend the kind of money of the big 4 (Man City, Man United, Chelsea, and Arsenal). Thus, from what I have read, FSG has tried to apply some MoneyBall thinking to bring Liverpool back to its glory days.

In the end, sports has its share of unfortunate turns of the tide. For Liverpool, the Script Writers gave them a nice start with two wins and a competitive draw against Arsenal. But then the wheels fell off with injuries to key players and listless draws and a couple of ugly losses. After 11 mostly listless matches, Rodgers was released from duty and Klopp brought in.

Thus far, Klopp has now presided over three draws. However, the fans seem to realize the club on the field right now is not what was expected to be on the field at the beginning of the season. Benteke is not back to full fitness (entered at the 2nd half) but made his powerful presence felt today with a header that put LFC up 1-0. But Southampton was able to tie it late.

Next up, Bournemouth in the League Cup. Would expect a fairly strong line-up from Liverpool as Klopp would like to get a win sooner rather than later. Maybe one or two changes for resting weary players and plugging in one or two younger players for experience either in a starting role or as substitutes.

UPDATE: Kelly at ESPNFC think Klopp might need to prioritize the EPL and play a weaker line up in the League Cup. Rodgers played weaker line ups for Europa Cup where draws were possible in regular time. However, League Cup can't end in draws leading to extra time and in the match against Carlisle a PK shootout.

Stay tuned for episode 4.

LFC under Klopp: 0-3-0