UN problems

Here is an item reporting problems at the UN leading to a symbolic no confidence vote on UN administration.

Excerpt: Union officials said the final straw was Annan’s decision this week to clear a senior U.N. official on charges of favoritism and sexual harassment.
The vote was also in response to Annan's failure to accept the “honorable action” of the deputy secretary-general who tried to resign as a result of the bombing of the 2003 United Nations building in Baghdad that killed 22 staff members.

Additionally, U.N. workers are unhappy with leaders for failing to hold accountable the chef de cabinet, whose son was hired to work there in violation of staff rules.

Another concern is the ongoing internal investigation into the Oil-for-Food scandal. At issue is whether a senior U.N. official accepted bribes in exchange for diverting the Oil-for-Food program funds meant as aid for impoverished Iraqis directly to former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein.

I think I heard radio reports that says the Oil-for-Food scandal is in the billions of dollars.

And there is this item over at Instapundit quoting WSJ's Claudia Rosett who has been on the story for months and often appears as a guest on Hugh Hewitt's radio program. Rosett puts the number at $21 billion.