2005 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Photos first.

Saturday 10AM session with Los Angeles Times sportswriter Bill Plaschke with Author Frank Deford. They talked baseball in Schoenberg Hall.

Deford's new book is The Old Ball Game: How John McGraw, Christy Mathewson, and the New York Giants Created Modern Baseball.

UPDATE: Summary of the Talking Baseball session with Plaschke and Deford is now up.

Giada DeLaurentiis of Food Nework's "Everyday Italian" does the 12:30PM Saturday session at the Culinary Stage.

Giada with her mom. The audience called out, nah, she is your sister!

She was very charming inviting people on stage to help her cook, answering questions from the audience and shamelessly but with good humor plugging her book.

I was sorely tempted to go to the post-demonstration book signing where you can buy the book while waiting in line and then get the author to sign it. However, since the event ended at 1:30 and I had a 2PM session to go to, I had to pass up the chance to meet Giada in person. 8-(

UPDATE: Here is a recap of Giada's cooking demonstration.

The 2PM session I attended had Larry Mantle moderating a panel of four writers of books with science themes. The panelists were: Charles Wohlforth who won an LA Times Book Prize for The Whale and the Supercomputer: On the Northern Front of Climate Change, Alan Tennant, author of On the Wing: To the Edge of the Earth with the Peregrine Falcon, George Johnson talked about his books, A Shortcut Through Time: The Path to the Quantum Computer and his soon to be released Miss Leavitt's Stars: The Untold Story of the Woman Who Discovered How to Measure the Universe, and Brian Fagan described his just finished book Chaco Canyon.

UPDATE: Science books session


I was there, too. I must have missed you.