Dodger's Win!

Dodgers beat Giants 6-0 take take 2 of 3 in San Francisco!

The worries: Valentin has 3 errors in 3 games playing third base, Brazoban the "closer" while Gagne is on the DL was a disaster in game 2, J.D. Drew and H-S. Choi are batting .000 so far!

The good news: Lowe, Perez and Weaver have had solid outings and Jason Philips seems to be settling in behind the plate well.

We shall see how Dessens and Erickson do as the 4 and 5 starters down in Arizona.

Dodger offense got 16 runs in the last two games after the 2 run showing in game one. Maybe, we need to give credit to Giant Schmidt for shutting down the Dodgers. Anyway, most experts are picking either the Giants of the Padres to win the NL West. I think the Dodgers will have a say in the end! 159 games to go!