Hugh Hewitt at LA Press Club Tonight 4/26

Got the following bit of information from Hugh Hewitt and

WHO: Amy Alkon, Emmanuelle Richard, Cathy Seipp and the L.A. Press Club invite you to:

WHAT: A Blogs and the Commentariat evening, starring guest-of-honor Hugh Hewitt: author, radio host, constitutional law professor, blogger and opinion columnist (for the Weekly Standard's online site The Daily Standard.) Hugh will discuss his new book "Blogs: Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World," along with related topics such as bloggers vs. the mainstream media -- which means in particular of course, our own favorite mainstream media the Los Angeles Times.

PLUS: Special appearance by L.A. Times Sunday Opinion editor Bob Sipchen, who edits the Times-criticizing Outside the Tent feature, along with Outside the Tent contributors Mickey Kaus, Matt Welch and others (whose names will be added here as soon as they RSVP).

WHEN: Tuesday, Apr. 26, 7-10 p.m. Short talk and Q&A session at 8:30 p.m.

WHERE: The L.A. Athletic Club's main bar (3rd Floor), 431 W. 7th St. (7th & Olive) validated parking in the garage at 646 S. Olive St. (PLEASE NOTE: The L.A. Athletic Club has a dress code, "casual" for the main bar, but that still means no torn jeans, gym shorts, etc.) L.A. Athletic Club phone: (213) 625-2211. Cash bar, complimentary hot hors d'oeuvres. More info:

RSVP is a must, to

SPECIAL THANKS TO: L.A. Athletic Club member Jim McCarthy of Gold Star Events who arranged this great location for us. More info:

WHY: Because we are dedicated to the proposition that bloggers and mainstream media can all get along -- outside the tent, and even inside it, if enough drinks and snacks are provided. Also....oh, let Instapundit tell it:

Glenn Reynolds says of Hugh Hewitt's new book: "There's a history of blogs, an analogy between the changes blogs are bringing to the media priesthood and the Reformation (with which I heartily agree) and -- most significantly -- a lot of good advice to businesses, of both the media and non-media varieties, on how they can use blogs to help themselves, and how to avoid becoming, like Trent Lott or Dan Rather, the focus of a damaging "opinion storm...."

"Journalists mostly don't get this point at all -- every time I get interviewed it seems that they want firsts, mosts, and biggests, when I keep telling them that the real story of the blogosphere is the day-to-day interaction and writing of a whole lot of blogs."

"This is the best book on blogs yet, which isn't surprising since it's by a successful blogger who also knows a lot about communications and the world in general. I'm sure it will get a lot of attention within the blogosphere, but I hope that it will get a lot of attention elsewhere, because the people who really need to read it are the people who won't find out about it from blogs. Best quote: 'Blogs are built on speed and trust, and the MSM is very slow and very distrusted.'"