Mayor James Hahn Speaks to LA GOP Audience

Went to Level One to hear Mayor Hahn speak to a group of Republicans.

His stump speech stressed his "law and order" credentials. He cited his move to replace Chief Parks and support of Chief Bratton as key to the recent drop in crime and better LAPD officer retention rates. He also pointed out that the move was not politically popular and is part of the reason he is trailing in the polls.

He then drew distinctions between himself and his opponent. He cited repeatedly Villarigosa's involvement with the ACLU and the ACLU's consistent opposition to crime fighting initiatives and laws.

Hahn also cited his working with Governor Schwarzenegger on Proposition 1A which prevented Sacramento from raiding city and county revenues for the state budget problems.

He mentioned that the primary had a very low turnout. He said about 20% of the Republicans voted in the primary. If that number reaches 30% and supports him, he could be re-elected mayor.

He finished up his speech by citing that as a Democrat he will disagree on some issues with Republicans but he believes we could all agree on the fact that a mayor's number one job is public safety and his record stands clearly apart from Villarigosa.

Two Republican leaders standing with Hahn encouraging the audience to volunteer their time to help get the GOP vote out for Hahn. UPDATE: Pictured are Edee Blevins of GOP for Hahn, California Republican Party Treasurer Doug Boyd and Mayor James Hahn.

GOP for the Mayor
20121 Ventura Blvd., Suite 305
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Corner of Ventura and Winnetka

UPDATE: The GOP for the Mayor office in Woodland Hills is NOT funded by the Los Angeles GOP. Rather is it is funded by Hahn for Mayor. To read more about the story, click here. Though it isn't an official GOP operation, Hahn does have the support of most Southland Republican leaders. Excerpt: Walter Moore has endorsed Mayor Hahn as has almost every other prominent Republican with the exception of former Mayor Dick Riordan and Assemblyman Keith Richman.

UPDATE: Here is an item from that says: Hahn is a fairly typical liberal Democrat; but now that he's upset Maxine Waters, a lady who is without a doubt the most dimwitted person in politics today (she believes, for instance, that the CIA created the drug problem in the black community), we have to figure Hahn must be doing something right. Republicans in Los Angeles don't have much of a choice, but the man who fired the incompetant Bernard Parks and makes enemies of Maxine Waters deserves Republican support.

UPDATE: LA Weekly has some analysis on the Mayor's race. They seem to think Hahn is running on the Bush 1988 playbook by highlighting the ACLU angle. Excerpt: But Hahn’s numbers in the current election look sickly, so he’s come up with a proposal that yet again enables him to out-law-and-order Antonio. By extending the scope of such injunctions from several-dozen-block areas to the entire city, and to all the city’s 39,565 identified gang members, Hahn has put forth a policy that cannot possibly be followed unless the police force — currently at 9,131 officers — is expanded by a factor of 10. But Hizzoner has raised an issue that allows him to look tougher than Villaraigosa, and to raise again his opponent’s history in the ACLU.