Elsewhere: Stuff I've come across

Skyepuppy has this fun little item about what folks in North Dakota do for fun! If we wind up doing something like this in Los Angeles, we know the world as we know it will be coming to an end soon!

American Minister in the UK is feeling his age. I have to say, I had a similar moment with the junior high folks when some of the students were talking about flying squirrels and I said, you know there was a cartoon character named Rocky who was a flying squirrel and there was a moose named Bullwinkle. They had no idea what I was talking about!

Yahoo's Movie Mom, Nell Minow has a blog. Here is her interview with Michael Apted the director of Amazing Grace which recounts the struggle to end slavery in England. I saw the film and highly recommend it. It is a movie story about how a small number of committed people can make a difference in the world. William Wilberforce's dedication was remarkable. Also, an outstanding performance was given by Albert Finney who played John Newton the slave ship captain who changed 180 degrees upon following Jesus, who wrote the song Amazing Grace and was a mentor to Wilberforce.

Here is a video item that might sting us in the church. HT to ThinkChristian.

And here is another YOUtube.com item that puts advertisement beauty into persepective. HT: Think Christian again.