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Would it be too arrogrant and evidence of hubris to say, invite me to speak at your group?

My mission statement would be this: to encourage people to thoughtful reflection on important issues of life through public speaking, dialogue facilitation and writing.

Though I'm a Briggs-Myers I-N/S-T/F-J and get nervous doing public speaking, I enjoy the opportunities I've had to do public speaking. I love the interaction with the audience as we discuss and react to questions about the topic I get to address. I delight in researching a topic and preparing it for presentation.

I've given research lectures as part of my life as a molecular biologist and taught science classes for undergraduates.

In the church setting, I've given talks and lead discussions on topics pertaining to the Christian faith and the Bible.

A short resume:

1993 PhD in Molecular Biology, University of California, Irvine
1986 BS in Biochemistry, University of California, Los Angeles

Christian Participation
2009-Current Northland Village Church (launch team member and participant)
1998-2009 Glendale Presbyterian Church (member, youth group volunteer since 2003, dialog facilitation team)
1997-1998 Sunset Church, San Francisco (attendance, participation in events)
1993-1997 Chinese Community Church Washington DC (member, Sunday School teacher for adults, event organizing)
1984-1993 West Coast Chinese Christian Conference (organizing committee, small group Bible study leader)
1978-1993 First Chinese Baptist Church Los Angeles (member, participant in events, Sunday School teacher for college students from 1986-1993)

Special Training
2007 Fuller Theological Seminary - independent distance learning course on the Gospels
2007 3-day workshop in dialog facilitation from Public Conversations Project held at Glendale Presbyterian Church
1986-1987 Sunday School Teacher Training Program from First Chinese Baptist Church Los Angeles

Areas of interest
Relationship of faith and reason (people often ask me about evolution specifically and science in general when they find out I'm a follower of Jesus and a molecular biologist), current events, Biblical and theological topics. If you roam around this blog, you'll get a good idea of the topics that interest me and a feel for the perspectives I hold on those areas. Here are some examples:
Discussing Darwin
Choices and decisions in life
Kingdom of God
Bible study training

Also, hit the devotional thoughts label and you'll see more areas of interest!

Contact information: rrblog_at_yahoo_dot_com


LifeasIseeit said…
Even though you admit being nervous at public speaking, you are offering to speak at a group

More power to you!