Liverpool Klopp Episode 29: Independence Day

After that collapse against Sunderland on Saturday, Liverpool needs to have a gut check performance and deliver a knock-out blow to West Ham's FA Cup aspirations.

LFC fans would love to see Sturridge, Coutinho, and Origi back in. However, since they are recovering from injury, it is unlikely all three would get in and Klopp has indicated he will stick with the younger lineup he has used thus far in the FA Cup. Allen, Brannigan, and Lovren do not appear likely to be ready for the match on Tuesday.

So here we go with some guesses: Mignolet, Clyne, Sakho, Caulker, Flanagan, Lucas, Stewart, Ojo, Benteke, Sturridge, Teixeira.

Here is the XI:

Here are the subs:

TV coverage in the USA at FS1. Internet radio at LiverpoolFC.

1-1 as time runs down on regular time. West Ham got at the opening goal just before half-time at 45. Coutinho equalized at 48. Sturridge and Origi in at 59 to substitute for Coutinho and Teixeira. A quick scan of the UK Guardian minute-by-minute suggest the match has been evenly fought. The stats say West Ham has had more shots but Liverpool has had more possession.

90' Corner for West Ham. Whew. LFC fends it off. 8' of stoppage time. Both sides getting some threats in this long stoppage time. But West Ham seems to be getting the better of it. LFC hang on to survive to extra time.

120 + 1' Heartbreak hotel. On a free kick West Ham takes a 2-1 lead. LFC had so many chances.

It's a final West Ham advances in the FA Cup.