Liverpool Klopp Episode 30: Don't Let Me Down

Things have been a bit crazy the past few days. But am finally awake this Sunday morning in the PST and am heartened to see LFC leading by 2 over Aston Villa.

Of course, last week, watched them collapse in the final 10 minutes to Sunderland!

Don't let the traveling KOP down!

Oh my, in the last handful of minutes, have seen Liverpool blast in 2 goals!

Ooof for the Villa fans as the Reds have netted their 5th goal!

Wonder how Roger Bennet of Men in Blazers will describe this performance in the next MIB podcast? One of his favorite ways of describing LFC's high possession, lots of shots, but usually zero goals, is that Liverpool came out "like a manic labradoodle going off leash at the park."

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Wow, LFC just got goal 6 off a corner with the finish by Toure!

Good to see Coutinho back in there. We saw what a difference he makes in the mid-week FA Cup match. And today, we can see him causing problems. Then there is seeing Sturridge start! He got the opening goal at the 16' mark. Fantastic to see Origi come in as a sub (62') for Sturridge and immediately make an impact with a goal at 63'.

Certainly, when the season started, the FSG brain trust and then coach Brendan Rodgers had hoped the team that was fielded today would have been in operation soon after the start of the EPL fixture list. A great "what if." But things have unfolded in the way they have and finally 25/38th into the season, LFC has got many of the pieces onto the board they planned on having. Probably too late to make run at the top 4 but they could have some victories ahead? Let's not go crazy as this was Aston Villa.

It is a final: 6-0! NBCSN announcer ends the game by calling it the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.

Can LFC make a run up the EPL list to finish perhaps a respectable sixth or seventh?

How about some silverware in the League Cup?

Maybe a push to the final four in the Europa Cup?

Go Liverpool!