Liverpool Klopp Episode 32 - The Right Stuff

Key players aren't yet 100% (Sturridge and Coutinho) and others won't be available for selection. Nonetheless, they should still have "the right stuff?"

They need to take the field and use their speed and skill and take it to Augsburg in front of the Anfield faithful. Last time in front of the Anfield fans, there was the "walkout" and the team flaked out and surrendered two goals snatching a draw from the jaws of victory.

No walk-outs by the fans this time are expected!

Barring any injuries, there should be no change in line up with Sturridge, Firmino, Coutinho leading the way. At midfield, Milner, Henderson, and Can. In defense, Clyne, Toure, Sakho, and Moreno. Would think LFC will be aggressive early to seek the lead and make Augsburg chase the game.

Likely subs, Origi and Ibe. Benteke will get in if they need a late goal otherwise Lucas enters to help in holding onto a lead.

Of course, another scenario is if the match goes to extra time and penalty kicks. What are the coaching moves in a game heading into extra time? Do you hold back one sub for entry after full-time?

USA TV coverage at FS1. Internet radio through Snarky live blogging over at UK Guardian.

5' Milner buries the PK for a handball in the box!

Wasn't near the computer for the rest of the game. But am glad to see that the 1-0 held up! My understanding of the "away goal" rule is that if Augsburg had tied the game 1-1, they would win the game because their goal was an "away goal." In reading the post-game summaries, LFC dominated possessions and shots but as usual didn't cash in the chances. Seems I've written that phrase before! Augsburg had a couple of opportunities and LFC's defense was able to turn them aside. So onto the 16 in Europa League. And onto League Cup final on Sunday. Go Liverpool!

LFC's next Europa League opponent is their long time rivals Manchester United!