Liverpool Klopp Episode 38 - Twist and Shout

Sunday morning coverage here in the USA of the match with Southampton is on NBCSN Extratime. Have turned on the TV to see LFC has gotten off to a two-goal lead over the Saints. In the build up to the game had read that it was likely that Moreno, Firminio, and Henderson might not feature due to injury and that Milner would be out due to red card suspension.

Recap of the match thus far:

Comments on watching the halftime highlights:
Southampton got robbed on the no PK call early in the match!
The two goals by LFC were wonderful strikes from Coutinho and Sturridge!

Welcome back to the 2nd half. LFC has sent in Skrtel for Lovren. Don't know if Lovren has pick up a knock or it is an opportunity to get Skrtel some playing time. It is a 2-0 lead for LFC but they did give up two goals to Sunderland not too long ago.

46' Southampton is coming out with possession and have put a shot on goal but Mignolet was ready and the shot didn't have a lot on it.

48' There you go Southampton, LFC Skrtel's challenge in the box is rightly called a penalty.
Mignolet leaps to the right and parries the PK attempt!

55' When LFC have had the ball in the Southampton side, Origi has been the reason for them to get nervous.

63' Southampton Mane gets the goal top right corner from a pretty steep angle. Its 1-2. You can sense that Southampton was on the front foot and would soon cash in an opportunity. You can hear the crowd sing "When the Saints go marching in" over the voice of the NBCSN announcers.

73' Argh! Benteke near miss on the counter attack.

77' Flanagan dispossess the Southampton player!

82' ARGH! Southampton have tied it 2-2.

85' 3-2 Southampton!

Its a final 3-2. The team lost focus in the 2nd half sitting on the 2-0 lead. Was Lovren injured leading to the Skrtel substitution? Turns out Klopp was concerned that Lovren might pick up a second yellow and thus be expelled with a red card. Don't think the loss could be blamed on Skrtel. Looked more like the team as a group lost focus. May also be that some of the players having played last Thursday were a step slow in the 2nd half. Benteke came in at 70 and Ojo at 87. Perhaps substitutions should have been introduced sooner to permit fresher legs on the LFC side. Southampton went with 2 subs at 45 and they were a handful.

Liverpool snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.

We have seen this script before! LFC fans were able to twist and shout in the first half but in the end, the fans at St. Mary twist and shout all the way home with the victory.