Galaxy in Leg 2 of the CCL Quarterfinals

0-0 at the moment. A road game so a win is a win but a tie is a win on away goals!

Even a casual newbie soccer fan like myself did sense the Galaxy got bullied by more physical teams last season. Thus, off-season, the brain trust at the Galaxy decided to bulk-up with some players with reputations for being on the edge/over-the-edge in terms of hard hitting. Baxter at LAT gave the run-down in this morning's paper in the run-up to tonight's match up.

Historically, the Liga MX teams dispatch the MLS teams at this stage and no MLS team has won the CCL in its current format. At the moment, 2 of the MLS teams are behind and 2 are even in goals. The Galaxy are best positioned with the 0-0 score line at the moment.

Certainly, the new Galaxy players have experience in playing big games but the time on the pitch of playing together as this particular group has been brief. Liga MX teams want to retain their dominance over the MLS and so they will be motivated. Am envisioning a punishing game. Will see how tight/loose the refs call it. What is the "prop bet" on there being a red card tonight?

Update: Watched part of the first half .... the part where the Galaxy gave up three goals on their way to a 4-0 mauling. The field looked tilted downhill toward the Galaxy defensive end. It was a out and out beat down. Clearly, at this stage of fitness and organizing on the field, this LA Galaxy team was not ready for prime time. The next questions will be can they improve and will it be enough to be competitive in the MLS?