Disclaimer - 2016 Presidential Nomination

If you have mouse clicked to this blog to look in on politics, you could probably guess I'm supportive of the Republican viewpoint but in the #NeverTrump #NeverTrump category. Nonetheless, I do try to write as objectively as I can. And so, thinking about the practice of objectivity, I should disclosed that I'm a classic "small donor" to several campaigns.

I have donated to the following:
Ben Carson - I appreciated his calm manner of presentation even if I did not think he would win. We need more calm voices in the political process so I was disappointed when he endorsed Donald Trump.
Marco Rubio - I thought he exhibits the solidly center-right policy views I think is prudent for the USA. He is one of the more articulate spokesman for the party. His biography is also fantastic.
John Kasich - My preference in presidential candidates are governors as they have served in executive branch roles. Bush had the disadvantage of being the 3rd Bush to run. Christie was too combative for my taste although clearly the GOP electorate is in a combative mood. Kasich has a solid history of effective service in various levels of government.
Ted Cruz - Cruz is solid center-right in his policy views that are generally in the mainstream of the conservative political side of the aisle. His experience is a bit on the thin side but at this point, he is the most viable alternative for the #NotTrump #NeverTrump voter. I suppose you might say I'm a "realist" at this point.

Below is a TED talk by Arthur Brooks that captures a lot of the sentiments I have about politics.