Worst kind of evil: done in the name of god

South Korean hostage has been slaughtered by beheading. Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, Paul Johnson and now Kim Sun-il.

The Jihadists kill people in all sorts of way but these are particularly grisly because of the videotapes.

On the Dennis Prager radio show today, Prager wondered why are they doing this in such a public manner? It could only stiffen the resolve of the US and others who are trying to help Iraq.

The guest suggested these videos aren't just to scare people out of Iraq but they are recruitment videos too.

A very radical brand of Islam actually believes they will be rewarded for killing Infidels (non-Muslims) and these videos will induce glee among those who subscribe to these notions and garner more recruits.

Many people want to avoid speaking of this as a "war of civilizations." In one sense it isn't because only a segment of Islam actually holds a theology that demands and defends such actions. But in the minds of these Jihadists, they believe it is a "war of civilizations." They believe that they have a divine mission to kill off the infidels.