Elsewhere: Neat stuff in the blogsphere

I'm slowly entering the 21st century. I've set up a blog news feed through Bloglines.com.

So what are some neat things I've seen lately?

YS Marko shared a cool Youtube.com video with the title, "Free Hugs."

What did you think of the video? Be sure to read the blurb at Youtube for the backstory of the video.

Skyepuppy shares a news item about a woman who beat the tar out of a mountain lion to save her husband. NEVER go into the wilderness alone!

The D'Elia's have moved to Narnia ... well, actually London. I once did the call to worship reading during a service he preached at. After the service, for some reason we started talking about the band Katrina and the Waves! Also, one summer I served alongside his wife with the pre-schoolers at Sunday church. Look forward to checking in on their adventures in the days ahead.

Nick is thinking about the balance between art, the word and sacrament in corporate worship.

We've all heard the "professionals" give their take about the State of the Union. But I often feel your average guy from middle America (or in this case middle of California) gets to the heart of the matter.


Anonymous said…
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