Religion: How many types of god could there be?

Just typing off the cuff here ...

(1) God doesn't exist, i.e. atheism. Thus, all conceptions of god (listed below) are false.

(2) God exists and created the known universe but hasn't been heard from since. This sounds a lot like the deist god.

(3) God exists, created the known universe and will judge our lives at death but other than that won't be heard from until after death. Historically, this description might be applicable to some deists but I suspect some would be more in the #2 camp.

(4) God exists, created the known universe, will judge our lives at death and has made some effort to communicate.

What do you believe?

Is that belief based on reason, faith or some combination of the two?

As a Christian, I would be in catagory four. The basis for that belief would be some combination of reason and faith. Though people in catagory #1 would say people in #2-4 are engaged in faith without reason.

What do you think?


Anonymous said…
I think God is a lie someone started and everyone else finshed.

But a part of me thinks there is something bigger out there...