World: Is it a war or is it law-enforcement?

I suppose at one time the American attitude on terrorists was that it was a law-enforcement matter. It would be like fighting the old style crime mobs.

Indeed, many of the tools of law-enforcement are being used to fight the terrorists.

However, clearly, it is also a war. The latest news from Somalia says it is indeed a global war against terrorists.

When you have the army of one country (Ethiopia) sending its military into another country (Somalia) to combat terrorists I think we left the realm of law-enforcement.

Also, it appears US special forces were also on the scene and when they had the chance to use an AC-130 to hit a terrorist base, they did so.

As a Christian, I am often at a loss on how to pray for these world situations.

Some chant, war is not the answer. Well, what is?

Unfortunately, if we don't fight, these people would have no hesistation to kill me where I sit.

I suppose the best analogy I've heard is from Thomas Friedman: there are dangerous people in the basement cooking up plans and bombs. We have to kill these people. But the other thing we need to do is find a way to bar the door so more people don't go into that basement. That is where we need diplomacy, aid programs and other non-military tactics.

In the prayer closet, I have found myself simply praying, Lord you are the God of peace and justice. Lord bring peace to this world by transforming the hearts of those who would kill and destroy. However, if they harden their hearts then bring peace by bringing justice to those by ending their ability to kill and destroy.