Any way out?

We are in Iraq and things are getting very chaotic. Is it just the last spasms before the rebirth of the nation? Or is it the beginning of more frequent and violent spasms of violence?

On KABC this evening, Dick Morris was interviewed by Al Rantel where Morris argued: keep 90,000 US troops there to prevent a Hussein-like dictator from taking over; beyond that just let the Iraqi's form whatever government they like.

Rantel asked what if civil war breaks out between the factions.

Morris said: let them slug it out it isn't any of our business as our only concern was ridding the world of Hussein.

Morris criticized Bush for trying to be too idealistic with a grand vision of a democratic Iraq.

Is there a middle path between Morris' "social Darwinism" and an American-like democracy in Iraq?

I fear that US military might and US public will is not strong enough to either prevent civil war nor birth a American-like democracy.

One can't say Bush is fighting this war for political benefit as he could lose the Presidency over this. He is hoping to draw an "inside straight" with this gamble because a democratic Iraq could shake up the region for generations to come. He is betting his Presidency on it.

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