Woodward Interview on 60 Minutes

Certainly was interesting television. Wonder as time goes on how many of the things did Woodward get right and how much was shaded truth or wrong from his anonymous sources. Certainly, one of the more interesting revelations was the Saudi promise to raise production of oil to lower prices around election time to help Bush.

Fact or fiction?

Frum thinks it might be true but for a sneaky self-serving reason of the Saudi's. Excerpt:
But why would Bandar want to hurt Bush? Don’t a hundred conspiracy books tell us that the Bush family are thralls of Saudi oil money? Perhaps the Saudis don’t think so. Perhaps they see President Bush’s Middle East policy as a threat to their dominance and even survival. What could after all be a worse nightmare for Saudi Arabia than a Western-oriented, pluralistic Iraq pumping all the oil it can sell?

In other words, if what Bob Woodward reports is true, then the Saudis are meddling to defeat Bush, not elect him.

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