Builders, People helpers, Truth seekers and Creators

As I walk through a day, I'm amazed at the variety of people around.

I see construction workers. They work with their hands and at the end of the day they see the welds done, the beams put in place, the lumber cut and put into place, the concrete poured, etc. These are the builders.

Since I work at a hospital, I see nurses and doctors in their medical garb and coats. They see people every day and listen to what ails them and use a mixture of technology and science and good old fashioned human kindness to help them get better. These are the people helpers.

I work in a laboratory and in a building devoted to research work. These people are looking for an answer to a scientific question. They do experiments. They analyze data. These are truth seekers.

Living in Los Angeles, there are people I know who work at Disney, aspiring actors, working artists, people involved in production and post-production of films. These are creators.

Of course there is overlap in all these types of people. The doctors who are helping people have to seek the truth in the numbers coming back from the lab tests to make the diagnosis. Many creative types work with their hands to produce the tangible item of their artistic vision. A good builder needs to know enough mathematics to make sure what they build will not fall down.

But I guess what I'm trying to get at is this: isn't the variety of people in this world amazing?