BCS bowls

Well, the Rose Bowl turned into high drama. I only saw part of it on TV but saw the highlights in the sports news later in the evening. Though I'm fond of the conference tie-ins of the traditional bowl system, it is hard to argue with a dramatic game like the one Texas had with U of Michigan.

The Fiesta Bowl highlighted Utah's powerful offense. One wonders how they would have fared against somebody stronger than the Panthers.

The Sugar Bowl is set for Monday night. If Auburn beats up Va Tech, they will make a claim for a share of the mythical National Title though I think it will a hard case given that USC and OU have been 1 and 2 all year.

The Orange Bowl will be Tuesday night and it looks to be an epic battle as both have Heisman QBs and RBs who vied for the Heisman. As Pac-10 partisan, I have to root against OU. As a Bruin alum, it is hard to root for USC. But I'm expecting it to be a good contest and it could come down to the final possession with a field goal as time running out being the deciding play. Or maybe an OT shootout.

Clearly OU has looked over the UCLA vs. USC tape and saw how UCLA's blitz caused some problems for USC.

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