LA Dining: Chaya

With the big rain outside, am staying inside and will catch up on some restaurant blogging.

In the Beverly Center neighborhood there are a number of nice restaurants. One of the best has got to be Chaya.

Consistently excellent food with terrific presentation. Fish is usually the downfall of most restaurants because things get busy and fish gets overcooked. Doesn't happen here. California is noted for "fusion" cuisine and this place does it as well as anybody. Nearby Chaya is the famous stargazing spot the Ivy. I've eaten at the Ivy a couple of times. Reservations are needed as it is a popular spot. I have to say I like the food at Chaya better. Ivy's food is okay and really you are paying for the reputation of it being a star-gazing spot.

Attentive service from good-looking staff. Wonder how many are aspiring actors?

Have only been there for lunch. It is an ideal impress the client type of place. Looking around it seems to be a popular date place too.

2 people for lunch comes in a bit over $40.

8741 Alden Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90046


Anonymous said…
I actually wrote a review of The Chaya: Dinner at The Chaya on August 17, 2007