Photos from Africa

Isn't the internet amazing?

Below are some photos I received in the email from a friend who is traveling in Africa. In the old days, friends back home would have to wait for the traveling friend to come back to the US, develop the photos and then find a time to meet to look at photos. Now, a string of ones and zeros through cyberspace zip from one computer to another and we can all see them at more or less the same time while the traveler is still over there!

Her first stop was Egypt.

Her next stop was Zambia where she is teaching at Northrise University.

Here are the happy students.

Aren't the women's dresses so colorful?

To read more about what is going on in Zambia, click here.

In 2003, I had the chance to visit a country just south of Zambia called Botswana. To see photos and travelogue from that trip, see here.