For entertainment purposes only

Everyone has a prediction and I'm usually wrong.

But here goes:

Sugar bowl
Va Tech 21
Auburn 17

UPDATE: See, I was wrong. Auburn 16 VT 13. Though, the Hokies blew some good opportunities and could have won the game as I predicted. I was right that the score would be lower than the over/under on the odds pages. I tend to think in big games the defense rises up and the offense gets tentative or misfires a bit.

Orange Bowl
USC 23
OU 21

UPDATE: See, I was wrong, again! Barring something really really strange, this is going to be a rout. It is in the middle of the 2nd quarter and USC already leads 28-7.

UPDATE: OU manages to get a field goal making it 28-10. OU needs the defense to force a turnover to change the dynamics of the game. OU's offense probably can score -- afterall UCLA managed to score with a B+ QB at the helm and special teams play -- but to make up an 18 point gap, you need the defense to make something happen.

UPDATE: USC TD 35-10. Stick a fork in this one. Unless the end of the world happens I don't see any dissenting votes for USC as #1. Even the most ardent Auburn partisans will have to acknowledge what is happening on the field tonight.