Donate blood if you can

Tried to give blood today at my workplace. It was pretty busy with lots of donors on the couches.

They stuck the needle in my right arm. But no blood! They moved the needle around to see if it was in the right spot. Still nothing. Another one of the staff took a look... she thought it looked good... the needle was in the vein. But no blood! Ack... I have no blood! 8-)

She pulled out the needle and then flicked it a bit and voila... a skin clot! She said it happens once in a while that a bit of skin gets into the needle and plugs it up.

She said, you want to try the other arm? She didn't push and quickly said. well, maybe another time, eh?

I have pretty low tolerance for needles so I opted out.

Maybe, I'll blog about my next attempt. What do you think gentle readers: blood blogging! Eww, sounds like a horror movie!

To read more about donating blood check these pages over at the Red Cross.

If you meet the criteria, please do as your donation could help save a life.