Dodger reconstruction project

Certainly, a lot of the recent moves have generated some grumbling among fans.

However, as pointed out in this LAT article, the Dodgers haven't exactly been doing all that well until last year so maybe change is in order.

"With Paul, what you view superficially is just that — superficial," Beane said. "It may not become apparent to you off the bat, but given the time, he can give you at least five reasons why he did what he did for now and the future.

"He's just brilliant. If everyone's playing checkers, he's playing chess. He's always been one to recognize the present and the future at the same time. He's got an incredibly creative mind."

The primary reason DePodesta is making so many changes is that he believes they are long overdue.

"In all honesty, this organization needs a pretty significant overhaul, and has," he said. "[Former general manager] Dan Evans was in the process of doing it. He understood it needed to be done. But it is a difficult process and not something that can be done overnight."

The Dodger playoff appearance was their first since 1996 and the team hasn't been to a World Series since 1988.

"I don't want to sound like a wise guy, but does the emperor have his clothes?" Beane said. "What's the tradition?"
I have to say I'm not yet sold. Beltre may cost more than Drew but Drew's health has been an issue so in my mind that wasn't a slam dunk decision. Trying to shop Green is also debatable as he appears to have recovered from his injury and had offered to defer some money to help keep Beltre and went to first base to make room for other moves the Dodgers made last season.

Anyway, the big key right now is to shore up the starting rotation and it will be interesting to see if DePodesta has some more big moves planned.