LA Dining: La Piazza

Met some friends for dinner at La Piazza located in the Grove.

Food was okay. Nothing to write home about. I sampled some of the food from my tablemates. The portabello mushroom salad was pretty good. The pasta dish was average. My pizza was okay but not spectacular.

Interestingly, as we walked in some customers walked out muttering that the service was awful. At that point, we thought about bailing out. However, we decided to give them a chance. We had friendly and attentive service! So service within a restaurant can vary considerably!

It is a pretty nice looking place. There are some window seats that look out into the shopping mall and on a busy day (and most days are busy at the Grove) it would be great people watching.

4 people for dinner came in a little over $100. We didn't eat all that much. The four of us shared an appetizer. And for entrees, one of us had salad, another pasta, another pizza and another a regular entree.

The Grove near the Fountain