7/7: London hit by terrorists

The news was dreadful.

The refrain, it could have been worse is of rather small comfort.

There is this chilling line in this WP item:

Shoebridge said a second attack was likely "because there's no reason for them not to, they've broken their cover,"

"They will now try to exploit whatever freedom they have left" to kill again, because it is likely they will eventually be caught, Shoebridge added.

As of now, it is believed that the bombs were detonated by timers as cell phone coverage in the Underground is too spotty to be reliable unlike the train bombings in Madrid which were above ground.

It is still possible that they were suicide bombers. Investigations of the bomb sites will determine that in short order but a report in NYT says timers were found. HT to Drudge for the links to NYT and WP items.

In solidarity with the people of London and the United Kingdom ...

[Flag of the United Kingdom]