Dodgers still hanging on

Can't believe it. They are only 4 1/2 games out in the NL West with tonight's 9-5 win over the Rockies.

This is the line up they fielded tonight.

And here is the line up they had on day one of the regular season.

The overlap between these two line-ups?

H.-S. Choi at first base and J. Phillips at catcher.

UPDATE: The big debate on post-game Dodger talk is what should DePodesta do as the trade deadline nears? San Diego doesn't appear strong enough to run away with the NL West. Even with all the injuries to the Dodger line up, they maybe one trade away from getting enough to catch and perhaps pass the Pods to get back to the NLDS. The question is how many prospects would DePo give up to get that extra bat? How many games behind is too far and you start planning for 2006?

The current line up has many minor league prospects. The fact that they are doing so well shows us all how strong the Dodger farm system is. These guys are in a sense auditioning for possible trades. On the other hand, could this be proof that the Colorado Rockies are just that bad?

In the post-game show, they ran down the injury list... Drew, at best, may return in mid-September, Bradley is swinging the bat but not consistently without pain so he is probably at best a couple of weeks away, Valentin is running around on his braced knee and hopes to be back by August, Izturis should come off the 15-day DL late next week, Kent is resting his hamstring and will probably get a couple more days off.

In the meantime, you got to give credit to this young team for going out there day-in-day-out giving it there all.