LA Scene: Wicked Lottery

The hot show in Los Angeles is Wicked. It is playing at the Pantages on Hollywood near Vine.

The musical is sold out and tickets can only be obtained from brokers and by lottery.

2 1/2 hours before show time, the theatre collects names for a lottery. 2 hours before show time, they draw names out of the hopper. 13 lucky people can buy a pair of tickets for $50 cash only. The seats are front orchestra.

I made the attempt this evening along with about 200 people. The fact I'm writing about it right now means I didn't win the lottery. 8-(

One of my friends tried it last Friday and got tickets. It was her 2nd attempt. One of the winners tonight said he had tried 25 times previously!

Anyway, show ends its run July 31 so the opportunity for this bit of LA is running out.

Good luck!