Just 4 Games Behind!

Went to my eighth Dodger game of the season. Dodgers win 7-4 over the Reds.

Perez didn't look sharp. He gave up 8 hits over 7 innings allowing 3 runs. A lot of times the ball was well hit in some cases resulting in hits in other cases long outs. Huge was the Dodger outfield throwing out two base runners, one at second base and one at home.

Dodgers got some clutch hitting. Repko got an RBI single in the 2nd after Phillips and Werth drew walks. Kent got a solo homer in the 4th jumping on the first pitch he saw. The slumping Izturis singled in 2 runs in the 7th. Kent singled in 1 more run in the 7th. "Killer Tomato" Saenz got an insurance 2-run homer in the 8th.

Brazoban got his 19th save. Schmoll, Alvarez and Sanchez worked the 8th with only Schmoll giving up a solo homer to Griffey but he got 2 of the outs that inning.

The NL West is a mess but its our mess and the Dodgers who were given up for dead by many are still kicking!