SCOTUS Nominee Tonight 6pm PDT

Hewitt's sources are saying Clement or Jones.

If true, tells you 2 things:
(1) the political pressures to name another woman to O'Conner's spot was too much to ignore. Since there are some solid conservatives that fit the bill, why not go for what you want ideologically and also get the political points you want. Using this logic, the next nominee will probably be a conservative ethnic minority.
(2) Laura Bush's remarks a week ago was either a trial balloon by the WH or her way of moving the debate in the direction she wanted. I suspect the former.

UPDATE: My analysis earlier in the month. My bottom line was: Thus, I stick with my earlier prediction that Garza and Jones are the top options if they want a fight. With Gonzales and Roberts as definite possibilities if the Bush team opt out of a huge fight.

We shall see soon enough!

UPDATE: Its Roberts.