Will DePo Make a Deal?

The Pods are leading the NL West with essentially a .500 record. The Dodgers, well below .500, are merely 5 1/2 games out as of this early Monday evening.

Upside: Bradley came back and seemed healthy; Valentin is rehab starting in Las Vegas and will return soon... of course, what to do with the consistent hitting Robles? The starting pitching is doing better.

Downside: Hoped for production from Werth (improving but still struggling), Drew (injured) and Choi (erratic) contributes to the poor run support for good starting pitching; relief pitching is a shambles.

Is this correlation of factors enough to justify making a deal?

Will DePo go for another reliever? Will he try to bring in another bat? And how much are you willing to give up to get these two pieces?

I'm wondering if the long ball theory is out of synch with these post-steroid times in the MLB?

Watching the Mets rob the Dodgers blind with stolen bases was humiliating. Maybe "small ball" really is back?

The Dodgers are built for the long ball hence the big hole an underperforming Werth and Choi and injured Drew have generated.

DePod clearly put relief pitching lower on his priority list when he built this team. I think will try to swing both a reliever and a big bat. But if he can only get one, I think he surprises us all by going for relief pitching.

UPDATE: Sarah Morris writing for Dodgers.com explains quite convincingly IMHO the need for relief pitching. Excerpt: Last year when Paul DePodesta traded Guillermo Mota, arguably the best setup man in the National League, he proved to me that he does not put much importance on the bullpen. During a two-year period, the Dodgers have lost Mota, Paul Quantrill and Paul Shuey, and the Dodgers have not replaced these experienced relievers. The bullpen is where the Dodgers are saving money. The Dodgers have relievers who are either inexperienced or over-the-hill.
What upsets me is the Dodgers aren't talking about getting another reliever. When the Dodgers say they want to improve, they want to obtain power hitters and maybe another starter. I can't say how many losses were caused by the ineffectiveness of the bullpen, but I'm guessing about 20. If half these losses were victories, the Dodgers would be leading their division. July 31, the trading deadline, is a week away, and I would like to see the Dodgers obtain an experienced reliever.