Oh, what a relief, NOT!

Went to my ninth game of the baseball season. Dodgers lost on Saturday. I got baked in the sun and the Dodgers got burned by the home run ball. Key play of course was the 3-run homer in the 6th off Carrara.

Sunday, it was the same story when in the top of the 11th, Alvarez gave up the 2-run homer to Edmonds.

Dodger starters were not great but the bats kept them in the game only to see the bullpen give it up.

The current pen has Brazoban as closer which is reasonably good as more often than not, he is going to get it done with his hard fastball and occasional sliders. Seems like Schmoll with his weird side arm delivery has taken up the 8th inning set up role. Sanchez gets the 7th innings. Broxton is the other young gun as he took over the spot vacated by Erickson.

Alvarez has had so many injuries this year that I don't know if he has anything left. Bringing up a prospect to fill that spot might be just as good as having him continue to struggle. Carrara's control isn't as good as the last couple of years and his fastball doesn't seem to have the zing anymore. He might be done like Alvarez and may need to step aside so the Dodgers can take a chance on a prospect. I'm guessing Dessens may remain as he is the long reliever and mop-up guy.


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