Biblical Archaeology

Was just web surfing because I can't sleep tonight.

Came across some interesting items:

Tunnel found by carbon dating to probably be consistent with 2 Kings 20:20 and 2 Chronicles 32:30. Excerpt: By using radiocarbon testing to analyze the age of stalactite samples from the ceiling of the Siloam Tunnel and plant material recovered from its plaster floor, the biblical record and the tunnel's age have been confirmed, the researchers wrote in the journal Nature. The Siloam Tunnel is the one built by King Hezekiah.

This is also significant because it is the first time that a well-identified biblical structure has been subjected to extensive radiocarbon dating.

Even with all our modern-day technology and scientific knowledge, very little testing of biblical structures has been done to prove or disprove their age or authenticity. Why? The experts told AP such testing is difficult because it's often hard to identify such structures, they may be poorly preserved, or they may be restricted for various political or religious reasons.

A very old fragment of Leviticus found that is about 2000 years old. Excerpt: The parchment was from one of the caves in a canyon near the Dead Sea called Nachal Arugot where Jews hid from the Romans in the second century, report The Associated Press and The Jerusalem Post. This is the first such find since 1965 when the last of the Dead Sea Scrolls--some 1,000 ancient texts in all--was discovered and the first ever found from Leviticus.