Live blogging Deep Impact

10:37 PM (PDT) NASA TV over the internet says that the third and final thruster adjustments are underway. 14 minutes to impact.

10:40 PM (PDT) NASA TV shows the control room where engineers dressed in red or blue shirts are at work. I think I heard them say that the flyby engineers are in blue and the impactor engineers are in red.

10:41 PM (PDT) Drat, my internet link to NASA TV has broken down! 8-(

10:42 PM (PDT) NASA TV link is back but audio only! Image is a bunch of wavy lines!

10:44 PM (PDT) Audio link is now erractic. I wonder how many people in the whole world are now clicking to NASA TV! 7 minutes to impact.

10:48 PM (PDT) Audio link has broken down. Trying to re-connect!

10:50 PM (PDT) Audio and video (sporatic) is back! Impact in one minute!

10:52 PM (PDT) Imaging (according to CNN) from the flyby satellite may take about 30 minutes to come in that would indicate impact was successful.

10:57 PM (PDT) Raw images from the impactor are being shown in NASA TV. Images are starting to degrade indicating the cameras are probably being sandblasted by the outer parts of the comet.

10:59 PM (PDT) Cheer goes up in the control room as they got confirmation of impact!!! CNN is showing an image of a dust cloud rising from the comet!!!!

11:04 PM (PDT) CNN is showing some images of the comet. NASA TV image is the impact cloud getting larger and larger!

11:22 PM (PDT) Browsing through and to see if I can find any good photos. The best so far is this one from

If I was really tech savvy I would have screen capture software to get some of the images off the NASA TV internet feed. There were some amazing images!

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