Dodgers and the future

Though mathematically not out of it, they are out of it. Here follows some thoughts on what the Dodgers need to do. Catcher -- Paul Lo Duca is a pretty decent hitter but being catcher is tough on the body. Some post-game Dodger talk fans are saying move him to first and make David Ross the everyday catcher. First base -- Lo Duca could take that spot and McGriff will have to get his 500th homer somewhere else. Second base -- Cora is a good fielder but his hitting isn't quite up to snuff. He maybe on the bubble about keeping. Third base -- Beltre as usual is hitting up a storm late in the season. Dodgers will keep the youngster and hope someday he will hit strong the whole season. Shortstop -- Izturus is a great fielder but not much of a hitter though he is getting better. I figure the Dodgers keep him. Outfield -- the only sure keepers are Roberts and Green. Both didn't have good seasons this year. Roberts had injury problems so hopefully he will get better off season. Green didn't hit as strong which may be health issues but also maybe the poor protection at the clean-up spot factor. Relief staff -- Gange, Quantrill, Shuey, Martin and Mota were amazing this past year. The only one sure keeper is not surprisingly Gange. One of the others might be trade bait for some offense. Starting staff -- Brown and Nomo are getting old. Driefort is still recovering from surgery so his status is questionable for next year. Perez and Ishii had nearly .500 seasons and were erratic so they may have to re-earn spots in the starting rotation next season. Alvarez was a pleasant surprise and will have a decent shot next year to join the starting rotation. Jackson might get a chance at joining the staff being a young arm and the Dodger staff has got to start getting younger.