Dodgers Done: stick a fork in 'em

Was flying back to LA last night and when back in town, checked the scoreboard to find that the Dodgers lost to the Padres. Dodgers now down 3 1/2 games with 7 to go. All games are on the road and four are against the SF Giants. They aren't out of it mathematically but for all practical purposes, the season is over for Dodger fans.

As an LA sports fan, there is no NFL team to root for but I've been following the Washington Redskins (lived in DC for 4 years), Tommy Maddox (UCLA QB) of the Pittsburgh Steelers, KC Chiefs (coached by a former UCLA coach) and SF 49ers (the only northern Cal team I like sort of like). Of California based NFL teams, only the 49ers have been a serious team compared to the hapless Chargers.

UCLA Bruin football is not looking promising this year after that wipe out in Oklahoma.