Recall Rant

It amazes me how often the charge is leveled that the recall is some kind of political coup by some rich people using a crazy idea of a recall to overturn an election. I think that is an insulting objection. Think about this: rich people got rich because they know how to weigh the costs of an decision.

When hypothetical rich person puts up money to support a signature gathering program, he/she must believe it will (1) succeed in getting enough signatures and (2) the matter he/she is putting on the ballot will win. Why waste money if you don't think you are going to win? The fact of the matter is that critics of the recall using this arguement are in denial about just how angry the voters are with the mess in Sacramento.

Tonight's debate may have some impact in the polling numbers. If the undecided voters think the replacement candidates are clowns then the yes on recall numbers will continue to fall and the no numbers will rise. That has been the trend since the recall was certified. It is one thing in the abstract to say we don't like the governor and its another to actually vote him out.

Two weeks to go!